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Pedro Vargas press clippings.

Pedro Vargas
Pedro Vargas
Pedro Vargas has been involved in the high-tech industry for more than 20 years and in digital media over 10 years. During this time his marketing, business, and technical management expertise has been integral to the success of blue chip companies like Intel Corporation, Yahoo!, and SanDisk as well as a wide variety of start-up and mid-stage companies.

Atmel Corporation, 2009 - present

SanDisk Corporation, 2004 - 2009

Business Development and Digital Media Evangelist

October 2007 - Fanfare video service launches with content licensed from major networks (NBC, ShowTime, etc.) by Pedro

"From the PC to the TV" Wall Street Journal (.pdf)

January 2007 - "Music-to-Go" presented at Music 2.0 Conference

May 2006 - "New Recording Media" Mediaware Magazine (.pdf)

March 2006 - "Delivering Pre-recorded Content on Flash Memory" presented by Pedro Vargas at IRMA Conference

March 2006 - "Integrating Security and DRM into the Memory Card Hardware to Make Content Mobile Across Different Multimedia Devices" presented by Pedro Vargas at Multimedia Handsets Conference

February 2, 2006 - SanDisk Receives CES Innovations Design Award For Its grūvi Rolling Stones Music Card (SanDisk Press Release)

September 27, 2005 - New Rolling Stones Album, A Bigger Bang, Will Be Sold on New GRUVI Music Cards from SanDisk (SanDisk Press Release)

"Feeling Gruvi: SanDisk Unveils Card" Investor's Daily (.pdf)
"SanDisk Banks on Stones Album" Red Herring (.pdf)

"Miniature Card to Chip Away at CDs"
The Times Britain (.pdf)
"No Slowdown for Flash" CNN Money (.pdf)
"SanDisk Enters Digital Scene For Delivering Entertainment" Wall Street Journal (.pdf)

September 27, 2005 - SanDisk Announces Yahoo! Music Availability On TrustedFlash And TrustedFlash-Based Music Cards (SanDisk Press Release)

DigMedia, 2000 through 2002

Digital Rights Management (DRM) Innovation

DigMedia launches best-of-class innovative DRM solution that is extensible and incorporates technology from Microsoft (press release), IBM (press release) and Intertrust (press release). To this date, nothing similar exists.

2001 International CES Launch

Coverage of DigMedia agreement with Microsoft to integrate their WinCE with heavy DRM on DigMedia appliances. CES was great and resulted in additional alliance partnerships. Clippings at Microsoft.

Google search results include a multitude of clippings including alliance with 143 Records, the launch of the dBoxer, and product reviews.


NewTechMedia (dba NewTechMusic), Acquired by DigMedia, 1998 through 2000

1999 Best Band on the Net

NewTechMusic takes the lead endorsing sponsorship of this event as a joint effort with Kaman Music. BusinessWire Release.

Strategic Alliance with Fostex

Fostex Corporation of America and NewTechMusic, Inc. to promote the end-to-end music creation and Web-based publishing solution. Announcement.

Intel, 1994 through 1998


Alliance Pedro crafted with Cakewalk Music Software and Intel, results in "musical history" with a simulcast, featuring John Entwistel of The Who and Pedro Vargas from a remote location! (It's documented on The Who site, but also in the Boston Business Journal.)

The same year, Pedro co-produced the first Intel New York Music Festival. Billed as the first global concert event featuring the broadcast of over 500 live concerts over the Internet. Yahoo! Launch release.

Before 1997, unfortunately, the Internet wasn't as pervasive...

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Pedro Vargas

Pedro Vargas

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